Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's In A Name?

Most of the listings in my Etsy shop have very descriptive, if not very creative names. Two examples are Amethyst, Pearls, and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet or Tree Greeting Cards. While these might be helpful in giving a quick idea of what the item is, I'm getting really bored with them. Also, if I have more than one item in the shop that closely fits the description in the title, like Red Glass and Turquoise Bracelet and Red, Blue, Green Glass and Turquoise bracelet, then I'm not sure which someone is referring to until I go look at the listing.

So, I recently decided to get creative with my listing titles, at least when I can come up with something quickly. I'm trying not to get too worked up about the "perfect" title because I know me and if I try too hard to get just the right name, I'll never list another item because I'd be searching for the best name from now until the end of time instead of listing.

Yesterday evening and this morning, I posted two new listings with "new and improved" titles. May I present:

Oh My Stars (and Hearts) Bracelet


It's Hip to be Square (or Rectangle) Earrings

Well, I never claimed to be Shakespeare, hehehe. BUT, if someone asks me about either of these, I'll know right away what they're talking about! Oh, and as long as we're talking about "clever" titles (I use the term VERY loosely for my own titles, hehe), I renamed the "Halloween Charm Bracelet" I made to:

Mummy's Charm Bracelet

Yeah, ok, so they could still use some work. But I'm having fun with them, and I hope they occasionally manage to amuse others too (or, at least to not groan *too* loudly). :)

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