Tuesday, June 30, 2009

365 Days of Self Portraits

A few years ago, I started a project, along with thousands of others on Flickr, to take a self-portrait a day for one year, or 365 days. I finished that set (with one picture missing, I forgot to take a picture one day), and decided to take a break before starting another year, which I fully intended to do. This "break" lasted almost two years. I'd tried starting it back up a few times in between, but I always forgot after just a day or two.

Well, I'm trying it again. My husband was part of the inspiration for doing it now because he started his own two days before I started mine. These two pictures are the first two days of my 365 Days project this time around. I'm going to post two a day here until I get caught up, then I will (ideally) be posting daily pictures after that. Today is day 5, so the double posting will be brief.

In my Day 1 photo, I'm doing a photo tribute of someone who worked at the same library I did. She had a glasses leash for her glasses because they were reading glasses, and she would often look at people over her glasses like that. I've recently connected with a number of people who worked there at the same time, so the photo was done for them. I came up with the idea after having to get reading glasses myself (first pair of prescription glasses I've ever owned) and deciding to make myself a beaded glasses leash (which I'm using in the picture, but it's hard to tell).

In my Day 2 photo, I'm annoyed with myself because I took a shower and then laid down and let my hair dry while I was snoozing (I wasn't even really sleeping). I put in a headband to tame it somewhat for the picture. Hehe.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy taking this photo journey with me. :)


  1. hehe A very cool project! I'm doing a logo a day project to up my design skills - http://1logoaday.blogspot.com

    Of course, it's usually a logo every other day or so.

  2. Fun.I won't be joining you, though. I hate taking my picture!

  3. Beth, I just added your blog to my ever-growing reading list. ;)

    KeriAnne, when I first heard about taking a self-portrait a day, I thought the same thing! I think what changed my mind is I read from others that doing the project really improved their self-esteem. I still don't like *others* taking my picture, but I like taking my own (mainly because I can pick which ones get seen and which never see the light of day, hehehe).


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