Sunday, November 16, 2014

Getting ready for a craft fair

I'm going to be going to a craft fair on Saturday. This will be the first time I am selling buttons, magnets and perler bead decorations at a craft fair, and I am a little concerned about making too much/too little. My most popular button is popular because it is a costume piece, and Halloween is over, so I'm not sure it's a good idea to bring lots of those right now. Christmas-themed items are probably a good bet, of course, but picking which non-Christmas items to make enough of for the craft fair is tricky. I'm going into this one looking at it as market research more than a money-making opportunity (although getting a lot of sales would be nice!)

I've made a lot more snowflakes with Perler beads for the craft fair. I figure if they don't sell, I can use them for package decorations. ;) Here is one pile of them that I made:

I also made some more patchwork elephants out of perler beads. :) I really like the extra color that using the striped beads adds to them.

I'm also adding more sets of buttons to my shop, at a discount from buying the buttons individually. Here is a listing for three of the funny animal buttons (the two I posted in my last entry, plus a new one of two rhino butts). I have also posted some other new buttons since I last wrote here. You are welcome to check my shop to see what else is new!

It's going to snow overnight here. The weather is usually much warmer this time of year, but everything seems to be pointing to a really cold and long winter. The snowflakes will certainly match the weather tomorrow.


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