Thursday, November 6, 2014

New items

I have added two new buttons to my shop, buttons with a tiger on one and an orangutan on the other. They were photos my husband took at the zoo sometime in the past year. I thought they were fun pictures. Here are the buttons:

I have another zoo photo I plan to make into a button, but this is one I took many years ago. I have a fourth I want to use, but the subject, an elephant, is too dark. So, I need to edit the photo to try to lighten the elephant without washing out the background too much. If you want to take a closer look, you can find the tiger button here and the orangutan button here.

I did an informal poll of some of my Facebook friends to see if they would prefer buttons or magnets, if they were in the market for such things. The response was overwhelmingly for magnets, so I am adding magnets to the shop. The buttons will stay too, of course, but soon there will be the option to have a button or a magnet in all the designs offered.

I am also working to make some new items with Perler beads. I've made snowflakes, penguins, and another patchwork elephant. I also plan on making some 8-bit look/vintage video game look items in the near future. I haven't had a chance to take good pictures for listing yet, but here are the snowflakes I've made so far:

You can check my Instagram account at 42PurpleElephants to see the penguins, elephant and other creations I've made. :)

The snowflakes, penguins and elephant will be listed soon. How soon the video game items up depends on how quickly I can make them. Tomorrow I will be spending the day crafting, so new listings will probably not be posted before Monday. I hope the anticipation isn't going to be too much to bear. ;)

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