Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doing More With Stamping

I've always intended to have more stamped items in my shop than I currently have. Some people like to have a different shop for each different type of product they sell, and that's great if you can keep up with it, but I can't imagine trying to keep track of two (or more!) shops when the work involved with just one seems to take so much time.

This is why, when I was trying to come up with a shop name, I very deliberately didn't use "jewelry" or a variation on "beading" in the title (for new visitors to my blog, you can read here about how I decided on my shop name). Aside from knowing I wanted to sell hand-stamped items, I also wanted to make sure the shop name was flexible enough to accommodate any craft I wanted to try. For instance, when I started the shop in May, I had no idea that I'd want to start sewing pocket tissue holders to sell. However, those were a perfect starter project for someone who hadn't sewn in years, and I enjoyed making them so much that I made many more than I could use (some will also be showing up in some Christmas gifts I'll be giving this year...shhh!). ;)

I've been stamping for over 7 years now. It's easy to remember how long because I went to my first stamping party at a friend's house when I was pregnant with my first daughter, and I started stamping regularly when she was still an infant. My mom was at that first stamping party I hostessed and we took turns holding my daughter to keep her on the opposite side of the table from the embossing gun we were using, hehe. Seven years later and I've acquired a number of supplies, including cardstock, stamp sets, ink and accessories.

I started out by listing a few hand-stamped items, and then I've added a few more cards, but mostly I've been concentrating on making jewelry to sell. I've decided that it's time to stop neglecting that part of my shop and add some new items. So last night I sat down and made these thank you tags:

These tags can be used to decorate a thank you card, tied to a product that's been sold, included in a package as a thank you note, and more. Clearly, the photo needs some work, ;) but I took this last night (just using a regular lamp) so I could show a preview of what's coming. I was hoping for a sunny day today so I could use sunlight, but I woke up to rain, so I'll be setting up my light box later today to take better pictures of these, three sets of marble magnets I also made last night, and two pairs of earrings I made last Friday. I'm really excited about getting all of these things listed, which I will be doing over the next few days! :)


  1. Those tags are impressive! I will leave the stamping to you! I envy everyone who is talented in that department!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I never did get involved with stamping, although I think I would enjoy it if I did. I love your shop name and how you decided on it!

  3. Not a stamper myself, but appreciate those who can and do. Your tags are beautiful!

  4. Love your shop i use to do alot of stamping?

  5. Congratulations on selling 58 items. I am absolutely amazed 58 people would want these things


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