Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here Comes The Sun...

I made a necklace last night and also had two bracelets I made recently that I hadn't taken pictures of yet. I was going to get my lights out, set up the light box, and take some pictures today. However, I noticed that the sun was shining in the window really brightly and I decided to take the opportunity to use natural sunlight.

I still used the light box (it's a convenient "studio", if nothing else) and positioned it to get as much of the sunlight as possible. I got pictures of all three pieces of jewelry, although the sun went behind some clouds for the last few pictures. Regardless, I felt lucky that I'd gotten that "window" of opportunity (ha!) and got the pictures done early this morning. So far, the sun has not come back out from behind the clouds.

Right now, I'm trying to re-list a few items that expired recently. Here are the two (so far) that I've done today:

Flower Greeting Cards. I reduced the price on these to $8 for the set of 5. That makes them $2 each when you include the shipping! For handmade cards WITH envelopes, I think that's a great deal.

The other one may be a familiar one for long-time blog readers. This Stars In Purple Bracelet was the first bracelet I ever listed. I'm still not sure why it never sold, except maybe that I could never get the purple of the aventurine to look right in the pictures. I also reduced the price on this bracelet from the original price of $10 down to $8.

My Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale is going on til tomorrow at midnight, so either one of these great deals would be made even better by taking advantage of the sale!


  1. when i lived in portland it was difficult to get good natural sunlight. Now I am back in NM and I am pretty lucky to get good sunlight everyday.

  2. I'm having to retake all of my photos...always tweaking...yours look great!


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