Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I have always enjoyed Haiku. It can be difficult to fit what you want to say in such a rigid structure, but I find that, when done well, Haiku can be quite powerful in its briefness and simplicity.

I don't claim to be able to write great Haiku, but I have written a few that I thought were okay. I have featured the first (of possibly many) on a button. Here's a picture:

This Haiku says:

Money is okay,
But Lucy van Pelt was Right,
I want Real Estate.

This was written during a small online Haiku competition I was participating in a few years ago. I believe the topic we had to write on was "money". I don't remember how I placed with this particular Haiku that week, but I do know I placed second overall in the competition. Not too bad.

Another Haiku I wrote more recently:

To write haiku well,
One must be concise in words.
An ancient Twitter?

Do you have a Haiku you'd like to share?

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