Friday, October 10, 2014

Legendary Day

Well, it was a day when my husband and I bought two more expansions to the card/board game Legendary. ;) It's a deck building game (meaning you all start with the same 12 cards and then build up your deck by "buying" cards available on the board, which you can then use to do more stuff). The premise is Marvel superheroes and supervillains. It's a cooperative/competitive game meaning there is a point where no one wins if the villains win, but when the players win, only one is really the winner. So you have to balance helping the others to make sure the villains don't overtake the heroes, but still make sure you get the most points.

We got out late enough that we didn't get a chance to actually play though. Fortunately, we are going to a gaming group tomorrow afternoon, where we should be able to play Legendary and some other games (I'm especially looking forward to Betrayal at House on the Hill ).

In other news, I have a new button in my shop. This is homage to the show Archer, but also Kenny Loggins since it is his song:

Get it? ;)

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