Monday, July 27, 2009

The Birthday Girl

I love crocheted and knitted items. I knit, but I only make scarves (not very quickly, at that) and my scarves are almost always crooked. I tried my hand at crocheting once and didn't do well, but especially when I see all the wonderful crocheted items on Etsy, I consider trying to pick it up again. Thinking about it more, however, I realize I am probably better off just buying what I want from Etsy crocheters. ;)

Recently I was looking through Threadmill's shop and saw a beautiful green and white crocheted headband that had daisies on it. My daughter, who just graduated from being a Daisy Girl Scout, loves daisies because of that. Her birthday was coming up so I thought she'd really like this daisy headband to wear to her birthday party, so I bought it.

In addition to sending the headband, Threadmill sent a crocheted flower barrette. I tried to talk my birthday girl into giving the barrette to her younger sister, but she wouldn't hear of it. That barrette was a present from Threadmill and it was hers and she was going to wear it!

In this picture, she is wearing her headband and, though you can't see it very well, her crocheted flower barrette. She loved wearing it and, between wearing her headband and her new jewelry from her grandparents, she felt like a birthday princess.

I couldn't stop at just the headband. The next day I asked for a special order of four purple and green dishcloths. I'd seen them in her shop at the same time that I saw the headband, but I hesitated and another lucky buyer swooped in and bought them that evening. Threadmill made them quickly and I had them in my hands just a couple of days after I received the headband. My daughter saw them and wanted one of those too, but they are MINE, ALL MINE. Hehe. My daughter also declared them too pretty to use (I haven't yet).

If you're like me and love crocheted items and want to treat yourself, Threadmill has lots of beautiful headbands, dishcloths, washcloths, hats, and more. You can visit her shop by clicking here. As for me, I've got my eye on some more washcloths and maybe a headband for myself too!


  1. i'm really loving that headband! it's too cute :D

    thank you so much for the recommendations! i've read the time traveler's wife and LOVED IT. i'm for sure going to try the other two though...

  2. Thanks! :) My husband bought The Time Traveler's Wife for me one day thinking I'd enjoy it (I love time travel stories). That wasn't just any time travel story either, I LOVED it too. :)


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