Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moon Pendant Necklace

Not too long ago, I was looking on Etsy for a certain kind of moon pendant to use in a necklace. While I didn't find the kind I was looking for, I found these really great pendants from Beadfreaky. I ordered two sets of pendants and they were even better in person than they were in the pictures.

This necklace is one of the necklaces I made with her pendants. I added the bail and then added beads to make this beautiful corded necklace. Although they are not all moons, I do have five more of her pendants I plan on using in necklaces and selling in my Etsy shop soon. I've also already made a necklace out of one of her pendants for myself...I couldn't part with *all* of them, after all. :)

If you'd like to see what other pendants she has for sale, you can check out her Etsy shop here. And, please keep an eye on 42 Purple Elephants, where I'll be listing more necklaces using her pendants soon!

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