Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Bus Fun

I feel like my life has been a whirlwind of busyness since the first day of school. I didn't touch my Etsy shop or get on Etsy more than very briefly from Thursday til Sunday night because of how busy everything has been. I am sure things will settle down and feel normal again at some point...right??

My daughter rides the bus home from school. I took her to school and picked her up everyday for kindergarten, but then gas prices spiked and we decided we needed to cut bakc on our driving so, starting with 1st grade, she's been riding the bus most days. Last year, she got dropped off around 4:30 most days, so I was expecting that to be the case this year as well but, like last year, expected the bus to be late on the first day, so I figured she'd be dropped off around 5pm or so.

Thursday, on the first day of school, she did not get dropped off til after 6pm. I made a number of calls to the school during the wait and was quite relieved when she finally was dropped off (the delay was a combination of technical problems with the bus and the heavy traffic of the first day of school). She was starving and desperate for *something* to do (the kids are allowed to read, but not draw or color and she hadn't brought a book with her). So, I picked up dinner for both girls (my younger daughter doesn't go to school yet and was waiting with me the entire time) before heading out to pick my husband up from work very late.

Friday, the bus was slightly earlier, arriving at 5:40. Monday, earlier still, arriving at 5:15. I'm hoping that the earlier drop-offs continue to happen. I hate the idea of my daughter being on a bus for so long, and the 45 minutes she was riding it last year was about the limit as far as I'm concerned. She at least has a book now, so she can get the "read for 15 minutes" portion of her homework each evening done on the bus.

Still, I may start picking her up in the afternoons again. We get home much later than I'd like on a school night, particularly when she has homework. I'm going to give it this week to see if the bus continues to arrive earlier each day (and hopefully with a "normal" drop off at the old 4:30-4:40 from last year), and then re-evaluate at that point.

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  1. OMG, that is just way too long for a child to have to sit on a bus! I would have been crazy worried if my daughter was that late getting home! Our daughter started Kindergarten this year. We live just one block from the school so we are fortunate enough to be able to walk, weather permitting. If we do have to drive since we are so close gas prices won't be too big of a factor. Hope the bus starts getting her home a whole lot sooner!


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