Monday, August 3, 2009

Venturing Into Twitter

I've had a Twitter account almost since Twitter first started. Originally I only used it to communicate with a few close friends and my husband, but eventually started letting some other friends read it as well, but it's always been a private account. I was surprised when Twitter started getting so popular for businesses, and I decided I didn't want to open up my personal Twitter account for business stuff.

However, I'd been considering the possibility of starting a Twitter account for my Etsy shop, but wasn't sure what I'd do with it, whether I'd have anyone follow it or how complicated it would be to keep up with two Twitter accounts. Well, tonight someone suggested that I just go ahead and do it and if I didn't like it, then I could just abandon the account.

So, I have a brand new Twitter account for my Etsy shop. You can find it at

The story behind the name is kind of fun too. I was two letters short of 42PurpleElephants, making it 42PurpleElephan. My husband thought that was actually a cute idea, and if I changed the ph to an f, I'd even have enough room to add the s at the end. So, 42PurpleElefans on Twitter was born. :)

I also have a Facebook Fan page, and I recently reached 100 fans so I could have my own custom URL! If you'd like to fan me there too (I post fan-only specials, including one that is running right now), you can find that here:

Hope to see you on Twitter and Facebook! :)

If you have an account on Twitter or a Facebook fan page, feel free to post them here in the comments and I'll check your pages out as well! :)

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