Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Value of Wants

This morning, Meandmomscrafts wrote a post about the monetary value of her wishlist on Etsy in her blog. It made me wonder how much it'd cost if I bought everything on my wishlist too.

I have a number of items on it that have already sold (the price of waiting on those favorites), so I didn't count any of those, even the ones where I was pretty sure the seller would have more of the same item. I also didn't count anything from sellers where I just added their whole shop to my favorites because there were so many things I liked in their shop. My total came out to a mere $250.50.

I've been pretty conservative with my favorites, or "hearts" on items on Etsy. I know I can't afford everything I want, so I avoid looking for things for me (which has not prevented me from finding things I want for me, it has just helped limit how many). I've only just started looking for birthday and Christmas items, so not many of those have made it onto my wishlist either (though the ones that are on there, for birthdays at least, I need to buy sooner rather than later...just about everyone in my family was born in September!).

If you could buy everything in your favorites on Etsy all at once, how much would your wishlist cost?

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